Dirty Truth of Wastewater Cleaned with Quality Tanks Krystel Kleer Treatment Systems

Are you looking to build a new home in southeast Queensland? You’re likely to be looking at a number of construction companies, such as Metricon, G.J. Gardner, Stroud Homes, Oracle homes, Coral Homes, and Dixion. With all the builders available, choosing the best one can take some time. For some, deciding who to hire can be daunting. While you’re unsure of which builder to employ, one thing should be clear on your mind - Quality Tanks Krystel Kleer Treatment Systems for domestic wastewater treatment. It’s   [more »]

Rain Water Tanks Provide an Eco-Friendly Solution to the Queensland Climate

Water Tanks QLD In Queensland, rainwater is scarce so rain water tanks provide an eco-friendly rain water storage system for Qld residents. Water tanks are very easy to install and make a welcome addition to any Queensland household. Fortunately, Queensland residents are spoilt for choice as there are a large range of water tanks to choose from. Concrete water tanks provide a great solution for storing large amounts of water in the Queensland garden. The concrete water tanks are reinforced for added strength and are   [more »]

Septic Tank Systems

Need septic tank systems for your home or business? Learn what it is and its advantages. A septic tank system is a method of wastewater treatment that utilises only anaerobic bacteria (bacteria not requiring oxygen to live) in the treatment or septic tank. The tank has no aeration and treats the wastewater to about 20% of the amount needed to render it harmless to the environment. Septic tank systems can be vulnerable to poor soil conditions (clay, sand etc) high water table, clogging of the   [more »]

HSTP System – Home Sewage Treatment Plants

HSTP System or Home Sewage treatment plants (HSTP) are also referred to as – On-site sewerage facilities (OSSF), Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS), Sewage treatment unit (STU), Aerated treatment unit (ATU) and Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) All HSTP system collect black & grey wastewater and are situated within property boundaries that treat the sewerage generated from the property, and the land application area of the treated effluent. OSSF include all types of wastewater treatment and land application. These systems are required in areas not serviced   [more »]

Water Tanks Prices | Pricing Influences Water tanks

Water tanks prices are affected by a number of factors. With Rain Water being limited resource in Australia. We still continue to use more water, which has pushed water tank prices higher for mains supply over a number of years. These water tanks prices look certain to continue rising along with this increasing demand. If you own a business or house water is a significant cost, particularly for industrial businesses, installing a rainwater tank could help protect you from these increases. Rainwater tanks allow you   [more »]

HSTP | Home Sewage Treatment Plant

A Home Sewage Treatment Plant or commonly known as HSTP is a system that treats all the waste water that is generated in a domestic dwelling. Waste water includes the sewage (black water) that is discharged from the toilets and the sullage (grey water) that is discharged from kitchen sinks, hand basins, laundry troughs, washing machines, dish washers, showers and baths. The home sewage treatment system treats it in an environmentally sustainable way by making use of the naturally occurring bacteria that is present in   [more »]

Water Tank Pumps in Brisbane – Purchasing a Rain Water Tank Pump

Are you looking for rain water tank pumps? If you are installing a rainwater tank you're doing your bit to assist the environment and catch this precious resource. However catching the water is only half the battle, from the water tank you have to send the precious drops throughout the house, and for that you need water tank pumps. Firstly you will need to decide what you want your water tank pump to do, as this will determine how powerful the pump will need to   [more »]

Water Tank Installation Guide – Installing a Quality Rainwater Tank

Water tank installation can be easy if you have the right advice and knowledge. Or you can simply hire an expert to do water tank installations for you. Poly and Concrete Rainwater tanks are a simple and effective way to reduce your footprint. Water tanks assist to preserve and maintain our scarce water reserves and saves you money on your water bills. Below is a step by step guide on how to install a rainwater tank in your home. Learn the complete steps in water   [more »]

What are the causes of drain and sewage smells in your house?

There is nothing worse than a bad smell in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or toilets that you cannot trace or eliminate the source. Lately, our office have been receiving many calls during the summer months regarding smelly under floor plumbing systems in bathrooms, laundry and toilets. The common assumption is that this is caused by the wastewater treatment plant (HSTP) or septic tank on the property, however this is not true! – It is caused by numerous other things including: Bacterial build up in soap   [more »]

What is the fairest wastewater treatment system (HSTP) or Rainwater Tanks for your hard earnings ?

Whenever we are looking at new purchases, everything must be taken into account, Customer relations, Product, Price along with after sales service. At end of the day you would not entertain the idea of purchasing a product from someone that cannot work with you (This should be a 20 year relationship) not just another purchase. Often we buy a product and feel good about the investment. Or as consumers we walk away with the shoe on the other foot. All smiles at the time of   [more »]