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Rainwater Tanks

Quality Tanks is the specialist in rainwater tanks and the largest manufacturer and supplier of wastewater treatment systems & septic tanks in Australia since 1973.

Quality Tanks provides an all-round service, raw product to the water tank installation stage, throughout Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and South East QLD Australia. Living on the driest continent in the world, water is our most precious resource and it needs to be managed well with the help of quality rainwater tanks. Harvesting rain in a dedicated rainwater tank for use throughout our homes is a vital water management strategy in the 21st century.

Quality Rainwater Tanks

At Quality Tanks pride ourselves in assisting in anyway we can in the protection of the environment. Our rainwater tanks include Polyethylene and concrete rainwater tanks and underground rainwater tanks manufactured in our factory at Yatala using the best available material in Australia.

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Septic Tank Systems

In some areas of Australia the use of septic treatment systems are still approved to be installed. As an alternative to the wastewater treatment system, the use of All Purpose Septic Tank Systems is still common on properties that require sewage retention as these properties are not connected to the main sewage line. At Quality Tanks we can manufacture rainwater tanks and a septic system to suit your needs.


Wastewater Management

Besides rainwater tanks, we also manufacture waste water treatment systems in polymer or concrete. Commonly known as a home sewage treatment systems or HSTP system, the sewage from the household toilets along with the grey water from the laundry and kitchen use is treated by the system and pumped onto the designated area for irrigation, using clean treated water in the garden area. These domestic sewage treatment systems are required to be installed on non-sewered properties and are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. We also provide wastewater treatment servicing plus supply and install commercial sewage systems in QLD Australia.

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