All waste water from bathrooms, kitchens and toilets is piped to the treatment plant. There are 5 chambers inside of our Krystel Kleer Treatment Plant.

Water enters the pre-treatment chamber, where a break down of solids is performed by anaerobic bacteria. Solids settle and liquid flows into the second stage of treatment.

Waste is filtered through a bank of bacteria filled membranes, and is aerated at the same time. The aerobic bacteria oxidize the organic matter.

Following aeration the liquid wastes are allowed to settle under quiescent conditions. Any solid particles which are suspended in the aerated effluent will settle out and are returned automatically to the first or second treatment stage. The clarified water, although it looks reasonably clear, may still contain some bacteria which will have to be removed.

The bacteria are removed by the Chlorine process. Chlorine disinfection will ensure the final effluent meets the criteria set by regulating bodies, prior to irrigation onto your garden.

Excess use of oil in cooking may clog the membranes, filters etc. The wrong chemicals used in the home will affect the levels of good bacteria needed for this process to be achieved.

The treated effluent should be perfectly Krystel Kleer.

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