HSTP Placement Notes

Must be a minimum of 10m from the house Must be a minimum of 5m from water tanks The Home Sewerage Treatment Plant must be lower than the house to ensure flow The Home Sewerage Treatment Plant spay area must be 15m from the house They cannot be across driveways Garden sheds or pools cannot be located anywhere near the spray area of the HSTP Blocks under 4000m2 (approximately one acre) may need sub-surface irrigation Avoid placing HSTP in front of the alfresco and windows   [more »]

Why Do You Need a Krystel Kleer AWTS Installed?

A Household Sewerage Treatment Plan (HSTP) and a Septic System are on-site sewerage facilities. On-site sewerage facilities are facilities installed on the premises for the treatment of sewerage generated on the premises. The resulting effluent is disposed of on the premises by either surface spray irrigation or by subsurface disposal or off the premises by a common effluent drainage system. The on-site sewerage facility may also store sewerage generated on premises for disposal off the premises by a licensed contractor. A person must not install,   [more »]

On-Site Sewerage Facilities (OSSF) Fact Sheet

What is an On-site Sewerage Facility – Krystel Kleer Wastewater treatment Plant? On-site sewerage facilities (OSSF) are used to treat sewage generated from a premise that is located in an unsewered area. The OSSF must be located within property boundaries which includes the land application area. OSSF include all types of wastewater treatment and land application, such as septic tanks, aerated wastewater treatment systems (AWTS) , biofilter systems, composting toilets, and activated sludge systems. These systems are required in areas not serviced by sewerage infrastructure.   [more »]

General Conditions of Waste Water Evaluations

1) DESIGN PARAMETERS The recommendations presented in this report are relevant only upon the provisions that information supplied by our client regarding site preparation and the position of the proposed residence and the proposed effluent disposal area/s are accurate. It is the client’s responsibility therefore to ensure that accurate details have been conveyed to the Consulting Engineers prior to production of this report. It should also be understood that whilst our test has been conducted within the appropriate guidelines and with suitable diligence to accurately   [more »]

Water Tanks QLD

Quality Tanks manufactures and supplies quality water tanks in QLD at best prices. Water Tanks to Sustain Development in Queensland There are two common justifications for installing rain water tanks in QLD. The first and most important is one of necessity in areas that are not served by mains water and where safe supplies of water are not readily or reliably available. The second is to provide a source of water that can be used as an alternative to mains water. Installing a Quality water   [more »]

Dirty Truth of Wastewater Cleaned with Quality Tanks Krystel Kleer Treatment Systems

Are you looking to build a new home in southeast Queensland? You’re likely to be looking at a number of construction companies, such as Metricon, G.J. Gardner, Stroud Homes, Oracle homes, Coral Homes, and Dixion. With all the builders available, choosing the best one can take some time. For some, deciding who to hire can be daunting. While you’re unsure of which builder to employ, one thing should be clear on your mind - Quality Tanks Krystel Kleer Treatment Systems for domestic wastewater treatment. It’s   [more »]

Rain Water Tanks Provide an Eco-Friendly Solution to the Queensland Climate

Water Tanks Queensland In Queensland, rainwater is scarce so rain water tanks provide an eco-friendly rain water storage system for Qld residents. Water tanks are very easy to install and make a welcome addition to any Queensland household. Fortunately, Queensland residents are spoilt for choice as there are a large range of water tanks to choose from. Concrete water tanks provide a great solution for storing large amounts of water in the Queensland garden. The concrete water tanks are reinforced for added strength and are   [more »]

Septic Tank Systems

Quality Tanks manufactures quality septic tank systems in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Need septic tank systems for your home or business? Learn what it is and its advantages. A septic tank system is a method of wastewater treatment that utilises only anaerobic bacteria (bacteria not requiring oxygen to live) in the treatment or septic tank. The tank has no aeration and treats the wastewater to about 20% of the amount needed to render it harmless to the environment. Septic tank systems can be vulnerable   [more »]

HSTP System – Home Sewage Treatment Plants

HSTP System or Home Sewage treatment plants (HSTP) are also referred to as – On-site sewerage facilities (OSSF), Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS), Sewage treatment unit (STU), Aerated treatment unit (ATU) and Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) All HSTP system collect black & grey wastewater and are situated within property boundaries that treat the sewerage generated from the property, and the land application area of the treated effluent. OSSF include all types of wastewater treatment and land application. These systems are required in areas not serviced   [more »]

Water Tanks Prices

Pricing Influences Water tanks Water tanks prices are affected by a number of factors. With Rain Water being limited resource in Australia. We still continue to use more water, which has pushed water tank prices higher for mains supply over a number of years. These water tanks prices look certain to continue rising along with this increasing demand. If you own a business or house water is a significant cost, particularly for industrial businesses, installing a rainwater tank could help protect you from these increases.   [more »]