HSTP | Home Sewage Treatment Plant

A Home Sewage Treatment Plant or commonly known as HSTP is a system that treats all the waste water that is generated in a domestic dwelling. Waste water includes the sewage (black water) that is discharged from the toilets and the sullage (grey water) that is discharged from kitchen sinks, hand basins, laundry troughs, washing machines, dish washers, showers and baths. The home sewage treatment system treats it in an environmentally sustainable way by making use of the naturally occurring bacteria that is present in   [more »]

Water Tank Pumps Brisbane – Manufacturer & Supplier

Quality Tanks manufactures and supplies water tank pumps in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Offers best quality at reasonable price. Purchasing Rain Water Tank Pumps Are you looking for rain water tank pumps? If you are installing a rainwater tank you're doing your bit to assist the environment and catch this precious resource. However catching the water is only half the battle, from the water tank you have to send the precious drops throughout the house, and for that you need water tank pumps. Firstly   [more »]

Water Tank Installation Guide – Installing a Quality Rainwater Tank

Quality Tanks specialises in water tank installation in Brisbane. See installation guide. Water tank installation can be easy if you have the right advice and knowledge. Or you can simply hire an expert to do water tank installations for you. Poly and Concrete Rainwater tanks are a simple and effective way to reduce your footprint. Water tanks assist to preserve and maintain our scarce water reserves and saves you money on your water bills. Below is a step by step guide on how to install   [more »]

What are the causes of drain and sewage smells in your house?

There is nothing worse than a bad smell in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or toilets that you cannot trace or eliminate the source. Lately, our office have been receiving many calls during the summer months regarding smelly under floor plumbing systems in bathrooms, laundry and toilets. The common assumption is that this is caused by the wastewater treatment plant (HSTP) or septic tank on the property, however this is not true! – It is caused by numerous other things including: Bacterial build up in soap   [more »]

What is the fairest wastewater treatment system (HSTP) or Rainwater Tanks for your hard earnings ?

Whenever we are looking at new purchases, everything must be taken into account, Customer relations, Product, Price along with after sales service. At end of the day you would not entertain the idea of purchasing a product from someone that cannot work with you (This should be a 20 year relationship) not just another purchase. Often we buy a product and feel good about the investment. Or as consumers we walk away with the shoe on the other foot. All smiles at the time of   [more »]

How much does it cost to run a Water Treatment Plant?

This depends on how much water you use in your home, and therefore how often the pump needs to come on to pump out the excess water. In a normal household, with 2 Adults, 2 Children, we say that it costs the same as a refrigerator to run. Remember, we have an aerator running 24 hours a day, and the pump turns itself on when the water reaches a certain level. So, the more water which gets used, the more electricity needed to pump out   [more »]

Trouble Shooting Guide to your Krystel Kleer Treatment Plant

As you may already be aware your treatment system basically relies on bacteria for treatment. Therefore, any cleaning products that contain chemicals to kill bacteria should be avoided. Wrong chemical use can also produce unwanted odours and shorten the effective treatment life of your system. Your Krystel Kleer system operates automatically and does not require you to make any adjustments or settings. Our trained staff will make these adjustments at the time of the maintenance service. The system has an alarm panel and if a   [more »]

Antibiotics – The Enemy of an Aerated Treatment Plant

When you have young children, you feel that they are always on some course of antibiotic treatment. However, antibiotics are the scourge of aerated water treatment plants. These rely on “good” bacteria to break down the solids inside. These bacteria will oxidize the solids ensuring there is nothing left behind. When someone in the home is on a course of antibiotics, this upsets the fine balance of bacteria happening inside the chamber. The micro-organisms are called aerobes and will thrive and multiply in the presence   [more »]

What is an Aerobic System?

All waste water from bathrooms, kitchens and toilets is piped to the treatment plant. There are 5 chambers inside of our Krystel Kleer Treatment Plant. Water enters the pre-treatment chamber, where a break down of solids is performed by anaerobic bacteria. Solids settle and liquid flows into the second stage of treatment. Waste is filtered through a bank of bacteria filled membranes, and is aerated at the same time. The aerobic bacteria oxidize the organic matter. Following aeration the liquid wastes are allowed to settle   [more »]

What is a Krystel Kleer ADV5000 Water Treatment Plant?

The ADV5000 plant is an Advanced Secondary Treatment plant. At the end of the full cycle, the water should be Krystel Kleer. This treated effluent is then used for irrigating your gardens. All of your water from the kitchen sink, toilets, and bathrooms is piped into the tank for purification. The aeration of the liquid ensures oxygen is added so that the good bacteria can thrive. It is this good bacteria which oxides the solids. We use Chlorine tablets in the final stage ensuring that   [more »]