There is nothing worse than a bad smell in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or toilets that you cannot trace or eliminate the source.

Lately, our office have been receiving many calls during the summer months regarding smelly under floor plumbing systems in bathrooms, laundry and toilets.

The common assumption is that this is caused by the wastewater treatment plant (HSTP) or septic tank on the property, however this is not true! – It is caused by numerous other things including:

  • Bacterial build up in soap scum and hair in the floor drains that is collected over a period of time.
  • Lack of soil vent pipes (SVP) to vent drains.
  • Sink, tapes or bath has not been used in a while.

Our suggestion to combat smelly drains is a product called Actizyme, which is septic / wastewater treatment plant safe and is available in hardware shops and most local supermarket in the cleaning section. Use as per directed and your smelly floor drain should be NO MORE!

Actizyme Drain Unblocker Pellets