Whenever we are looking at new purchases, everything must be taken into account, Customer relations, Product, Price along with after sales service.

At end of the day you would not entertain the idea of purchasing a product from someone that cannot work with you (This should be a 20 year relationship) not just another purchase. Often we buy a product and feel good about the investment. Or as consumers we walk away with the shoe on the other foot. All smiles at the time of purchase but let down by the product or the after sales service (Just another number) feeling.

This should be a relationship for the customer not just a financial transaction.

So think carefully, are they after there commission or are they there for you the customer, do you speak to someone different every time? Are they passionate? Do they work with you to please you or to please themselves? Are they confidant? Can they see a problem before it happens? Experience counts, have they started at the bottom and worked there way up?

Quality Tanks Krystel Kleer treatment systems is the HSTP for you,

Quality service , Quality products , Quality Tanks!

Looking forward to working with on your wastewater treatment and rainwater storage needs.