The ADV5000 plant is an Advanced Secondary Treatment plant. At the end of the full cycle, the water should be Krystel Kleer. This treated effluent is then used for irrigating your gardens.

All of your water from the kitchen sink, toilets, and bathrooms is piped into the tank for purification.

The aeration of the liquid ensures oxygen is added so that the good bacteria can thrive. It is this good bacteria which oxides the solids.

We use Chlorine tablets in the final stage ensuring that most bacteria is killed off.

Provided you use the correct chemicals in the home, and avoid excessive oil poured down the sink, your waste water treatment plant should provide you with many years of waste water disposal.

It is a fully automatic operation with both audible and visual alarm systems.

We use a quality sump pump, and aerator with Manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years.

Quarterly servicing by a qualified treatment plant technician is a requirement of each Local Council. We have our own in-house servicing department.

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