A Household Sewerage Treatment Plan (HSTP) and a Septic System are on-site sewerage facilities. On-site sewerage facilities are facilities installed on the premises for the treatment of sewerage generated on the premises. The resulting effluent is disposed of on the premises by either surface spray irrigation or by subsurface disposal or off the premises by a common effluent drainage system. The on-site sewerage facility may also store sewerage generated on premises for disposal off the premises by a licensed contractor.

A person must not install, change or take away an on-site sewerage facility without the approval of Council.

The owner of an on-site sewerage facility must take all reasonable steps to keep the facility in good working order. Standard Household Sewerage Treatment Plans are required to be serviced annually or as required by the model approval.

A licensed service person must provide Council a report on the condition of the facility within one month after servicing the facility.

For new applications a site and soil assessment is needed to determine which type of on-site sewerage facility and effluent disposal system is appropriate for your premises.

The operation of On-Site Sewerage facilities is governed by Council’s and must adhere to the Queensland Plumbing & Drainage Act.

Household sewerage treatment plant (HSTP)

The owner needs to make an application to install an on-site sewerage facility and submit to Council:

  • A completed Application List
  • The assessment fee – from coucnil to council require different fees – refer to your local council for these costs
  • Professional soil assessment and site evaluation (WWR – waste water report)
  • A scaled site plan indicating the approximate location of the HSTP tank, and land application area
  • A completed Compliance Assessment Application for Plumbing, Drainage and On-Site Sewerage Work form

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