Water Tanks Queensland

In Queensland, rainwater is scarce so rain water tanks provide an eco-friendly rain water storage system for Qld residents. Water tanks are very easy to install and make a welcome addition to any Queensland household.

Fortunately, Queensland residents are spoilt for choice as there are a large range of water tanks to choose from. Concrete water tanks provide a great solution for storing large amounts of water in the Queensland garden. The concrete water tanks are reinforced for added strength and are available in a wide range of colours and sizes. Polymer water tanks are another great solution to water storage in Queensland. These water tanks come complete with UV protection and meet all the requirements for potable water in Qld.

Installation of water tanks in Queensland is permitted both above the ground and below ground. This means you can choose the location of your water tank that best suits both the function and look of your garden. If necessary water tanks can be lifted into position with a crane, ensuring your water tank is optimally positioned. When you do install your water tank in Queensland you will have the choice of having a gravity or pressure fed system or you can choose to install a water pump to work in conjunction with your water tank. There are a wide range of water pumps available

In Queensland water tanks became very popular when the Queensland government introduced rebates for the installation of a water tank. The polymer style that replicated the look of the old corrugated iron water tank was extremely popular. Queensland residents became accustomed to using water captured from the roof of their home and stored in their water tank. As a result of the water tank rebate, water use in Queensland became much more efficient. It is pleasing to know that Queensland residents have embraced water tanks as a way of helping our environment and leading to a more eco-friendly Queensland.

Some people are reluctant to install a water tank because they think the installation process will be difficult. Fortunately in Queensland most manufacturers of water tanks and suppliers of water tanks offer a full installation service. Furthermore water tanks can be custom made to your requirements and the order completed quite quickly. Polymer water tanks can be custom made in as little as a few days. The investment of a water tank is soon outweighed by the water saving you make. It is amazing how much water you will conserve and how much money you will save just by capturing the water from your own roof and storing it in your own water tank. If you haven’t yet made the decision to install a water tank, do yourself, your bank balance and the Queensland environment a favour and go for it.

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