Concrete Above Ground & Underground Rainwater Storage Tanks

Quality Tanks manufacture reinforced concrete rainwater tanks in a range of sizes to supply to the South East Queensland market including the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Northern NSW and other areas as required. Our concrete water tanks are manufactured on our premises, trucked to site and offloaded by hiab or mobile crane. Tank sizes are available in 5000L HD,  10000L HD (commonly used for use in domestic situations), 10000L STD, 22500L HD, 22500L STD, 32500L HD, 32500L STD. Our tanks are used by consumers that have no or limited access to town water. We provide quality ground and underground rainwater tanks.

Concrete 5000L HD | Concrete 10000L HD | Concrete 22500L STD | Concrete 22500L HD | Concrete 32500L STD | Concrete 32500L HD

Most of our concrete water tanks are suitable for underground and above ground applications. Water pumps are also provided, along with water switches and many other accessories servicing the needs of your home or business.

We also produce concrete water tanks with Anti Floatation Devices fitted if a high water table is a problem on your site or property.

Quality Tanks offer a complete installation service as well as a supply and deliver option.

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Government Rebates On Rainwater Tanks

Federal Government rebate is available to encourage us all to be water smart. Check with your local council to find out what they offer. This certainly provides that extra incentive to invest in your water needs for the future.

Environmental Responsibility

It is your responsibility as a home owner, or in a commercial establishment to utilise water to the best of their ability. A rain water tank is a great start to protecting our environment.


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