We provide a complete concrete rainwater tank installation service.

To find out more about the particulars of this service please read more about our rainwater tank installation and fitting page.

To provide you with our 10 year manufactures warranty all of the below installation requirements must be done.

Failure to comply with this installation sheet will result in Quality Tanks (Qld) Ltd Pty withdrawing their manufactures warranty.

The following is a list of requirements for the installation of our concrete water tanks.

  1. Tanks must not be used as a retaining wall
  2. The base of the tanks must be founded on Natural Ground (not on fill)
  3. The tank base pad preparation requires a 100mm thick bed of 5mm gravel or course sand leveled across the bottom of the excavation. The bedding material must be leveled with a sprit level and must be perfectly flat.
  4. Place the tank onto the prepared base.
  5. Back fill with loose material around tanks, avoid using rocky material Do not compact with a vibrator
  6. Place at least 13000 Ltrs of water into tanks directly after backfilling has taken place.(Note that water is required in the tanks to prevent floatation).
  7. Please be aware of any high water table in the area of installation. This could seriously effect the installation. The tank may require ant-floatation bars cast into the base of the tank.
  8. Should you wish to install any of our tanks above ground please consult our sales staff before ordering your tank.
  9. As always please consult with your local council in relation to rebate and approval to install a rainwater tank.
  10. Our Heavy Duty Trafficable Lids and Necks and Gatic Lids require sealing on site by our installers. Please arrange with our office for a suitable time for this work to be carried out.

If you are unsure about any thing in relation to installing our concrete water tanks please don’t hesitate to call our office on 07 33827666 and we will be happy to assist you.