As you may already be aware your treatment system basically relies on bacteria for treatment. Therefore, any cleaning products that contain chemicals to kill bacteria should be avoided. Wrong chemical use can also produce unwanted odours and shorten the effective treatment life of your system.

Your Krystel Kleer system operates automatically and does not require you to make any adjustments or settings. Our trained staff will make these adjustments at the time of the maintenance service.

The system has an alarm panel and if a problem does occur it will activate. The Normal/Mute switch on the panel should always be in the “Normal” position (this allows the audio alarm to operate). If the alarm panel indicates a problem please check the following:

With the Normal/Mute switch still in the “Normal” position, check which indicator light is on (high water or low air). After identifying the problem turn Normal/Mute switch to “Mute”. Please ignore the second indicator if it comes on in the “Mute” position.

krystel kleer trouble shooting table

Please note: If sprinklers blocked or irrigation line was kinked and is now operating it may take up to one day for indicator light to reset.

If after checking the above the problem persists please call our head office on 1300 00 TANKS or 07 33 82 7666.

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