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For people living in areas where no town sewage option is available, concrete and polymer Wastewater treatment systems, commercial and domestic sewage treatment systems are the modern environmentally friendly alternative. Quality Tanks provides quality and cost effective wastewater treatment system and sewage treatment plant.

The sewage from the household toilets along with the grey water from the laundry and kitchen use is treated by the system and pumped onto the designated area for irrigation, using clean treated water in the garden area. The use of these wastewater treatment systems and septic tanks will eliminate the need for a grease trap in domestic situations.

What is a Krystel Kleer?

Krystel Kleer is a unique system developed specifically to recycle domestic and commercial wastewater from the bathroom, kitchen and laundry and treat it in an underground tank constructed of concrete or poly to a standard of purity approved by relevant health authorities throughout Australia.

Natural Process

The Krystel Kleer method for treating sewage from domestic and commercial developments is based on the age old principal of allowing anaerobic bacteria to digest the waste.

This natural process of treatment is enhanced by utilizing a Ultra Violet Disinfection process in both domestic or commercial applications. This process is available in the Krystel Kleer sewage treatment system. Chlorine wastewater treatment systems are also available.

Krystel Kleer Sewage & Grey Water Treatment Range

At Quality Tanks, we manufacture the Krystel Kleer wastewater treatment system for both home and commercial use across QLD and further abroad through our distribution agents. They are manufactured, to meet the highest standard, at our Australian production yard and cater for any number of people from 2 to 400 or more.

There are a number of models available in the Krystel Kleer range. Each are designed to meet the needs of various household and commercial requirements while still meeting the standards under the jurisdiction of the many Local Councils in QLD and other state in Australia where the work is carried out.

The Krystel Kleer CD100, is recommended for standard households, catering for up to 10 people. This sewage treatment solution uses ultra violet UV Light to cleanse and disinfect the waste ready for irrigation. Treating the waste in this manner allows the irrigation areas to be positioned closer to the boundaries and water courses that wouldn’t be allowable if using alternative options. Individual Councils set guidelines as to it’s positioning on the property and we can advise you of these requirements. The Krystel Kleer CD100 is currently licenced for use in Queensland.

The Krystel Kleer ADV5000 Secondary Advanced System is recommended for households where dispersal areas are limited and caters for up to 10 people. Traditional chlorine is used to cleanse and disinfect the waste ready for irrigation. Being a Secondary Advanced System, allows the option of smaller dispersal area requirements and also allows for setback variations. The Krystel Kleer is currently licensed for use in Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria. View our State accreditations.

Septic Treatment Systems

Quality Tanks also manufactures through our sister companies ‘Allways Polytec Pty Ltd’ and ‘Krystel Kleer Pty Ltd’ a range of plastic septic tanks. Our plastic septic tanks are of the highest quality ensuring long lasting usage and low maintenance.

For more information about wastewater treatment systems including commercial and domestic sewage treatment systems and sewage treatment plant, contact us right away!

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