Home sewage treatment plant & HSTP system are required by State Law to be serviced on a quarterly basis (4 times per year). Your local Council also enforces these laws. Systems may only be serviced by registered licensed wastewater personal.

HSTP / Home sewage treatment plants SHOULD be serviced for more important reasons other than State law.

Your Krystel Kleer Wastewater Treatment Plant is a living organism. There are trillions of living organisms that make up this complete ecology system. They need monitoring and periodic attention for the well being of your colony. To replace a dead colony is not as simple as going to a pet store and buying a new goldfish. So your service person will tend and monitor your HSTP or home sewage treatment plant to give your system the best chances of supplying the environment with the cleanest and best quality water (effluent) that your Krystel Kleer system can produce.

To ensure that our service person can access your property to service your Krystel Kleer Wastewater Treatment Plant we ask that you observe the following items.

1. Arrange to unlock any gates etc. to allow the service e personnel access to your property.
2. Tie up your dog if you have one.
3. Ensure that the service person can safely access your domestic sewage treatment system and irrigation area.
4. DO NOT cover tank system with earth, concrete, pavers or any material.
5. DO NOT prevent quick and easy access to any inspection openings.
6. DO NOT allow roof or surface water to enter any part of the system.
7. If you have any questions or concerns in relation to your home sewage treatment plant performance, please discuss it with your service person whilst on site.

Home Sewage Treatment Plant Maintenance

To ensure that home sewage treatment systems perform to the high standards set by the regulating bodies, a maintenance program is stipulated by these bodies in the interest of environmental health and safety. Failure to have stipulated service carried out could result in a breach of public health legislation and subsequent legal proceedings.

The following information covering the requirements and maintenance for the first, second and ensuring years of operation is provided for your guidance.

1. THE KRYSTEL KLEER PLANT (excluding the Septic Tank/Compartment, mechanical and electrical components)

Every 3 months inspections will occur during which the following are undertaken:

• Adjustments to air intake where necessary.
• Adjustments to sludge return where necessary.
• Cleaning of the home sewage treatment plant, if necessary.
• Monitoring and maintaining the balance of the purifiers.
• Check sludge levels.
• Replenish Chlorine holders
• Tests on water quality – on site.
• Reports forward to the Local Council as directed.


Complete wastewater treatment servicing and maintenance check of the blower, irrigation pump, and electrical system.

AFTER SALES SERVICE: Our Company offers a range of maintenance options. Please contact the Maintenance Department for further information.

NOTE: Krystel Kleer only requires 4 services per annum. (Every three (3) months)

For more information about domestic or HSTP system or home sewage treatment systems and wastewater treatment servicing, contact us right away!