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Purchasing Rain Water Tank Pumps

Are you looking for rain water tank pumps? If you are installing a rainwater tank you’re doing your bit to assist the environment and catch this precious resource. However catching the water is only half the battle, from the water tank you have to send the precious drops throughout the house, and for that you need water tank pumps.

Firstly you will need to decide what you want your water tank pumps to do, as this will determine how powerful the pump will need to be as well as any extra features the pump will need to direct the water where you want it to go.

A good flow rate (in litres of water per minute) will not only help you water your garden quickly – this is also an important factor in getting your flow to work at a sufficient level throughout the home.

Domestic water tank pumps should deliver at least 30L a minute which is around the same rate as a typical domestic town water tap; but most water tank pumps can manage more alot than this.

Simple rule of thumb is – The more water outlets the pump needs to service, the greater its maximum flow rate needs to be.

Pressure from the water pump is the most important factor – even more so if you’re using the pump to power your domestic water supply rather than simply watering the garden. Nobody likes a dribbly shower!

At Quality Tanks, we recommend Davey Rainwater Tank Pumps and are available in many sizes dependant on your end use requirements.

When selecting water tank pumps for your home or garden you will need to consider

– Distance the water needs to travel from your water tank to your home

Distance is a large factor as you will need more powerful water tank pumps to move water from your tank to your home – if your tank is located further

– Your water pressure requirements You

You need to consider what you are using the rainwater for and what kind of water pressure you need or want. Water pressure is commonly measured in litres per minute (LPM). If you are using your tank water for toilets and washing machines only you may consider a low flow rate if you don’t mind it taking a few more minutes to fill the toilet or washing machine. If you need the water for showers or even watering the garden, you would want a more powerful pump that can push out water faster – around 30 LPM (which is about the same flow rate of a mains water tap).

When shopping for a suitable LPM water tank pump, you and your family will have to consider the total pressure you want when you have multiple taps operating at the same time. So if you need a tap going in the laundry, and the kitchen and the toilet all at the same time, then you add up the desired
water pressure for all those locations to determine the total flow rate required. Match this number to the pump’s “Max LPM” specification on the information sheets provided by your local pump dealer.

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