Quality Tanks manufactures and supplies quality water tanks in Gold Coast, and the surrounding areas.

Quality Tanks provide personalised waters tanks service to the Gold Coast, Gold Coast suburbs and hinterland surrounding the Gold Coast by providing quality concrete or polyethylene rain water tanks manufactured locally in Queensland.

Tropical rainfall is abundant on the Gold Coast, so it makes perfect sense to capitalise on this rainfall and store free rainwater in quality rainwater tanks installed right on your Gold Coast property. Using onsite rain water tanks are a very efficient way of maximising your rain water storage capacity.

Advantages of installing rain water tanks in Gold Coast

The cost saving is probably the biggest advantage of installing rain water tanks in Gold Coast. It certainly is very pleasing to see the water usage cost on your water bill come down after installing rainwater tanks. In effect you get rainwater for free after the initial outlay has been recouped.

If you live on the Gold Coast, installing rainwater tanks means you have the convenience of water on tap anytime. This means water restrictions will have little impact on your day to day rain water needs as with careful management you will have all the water you need stored right on your property in your very own quality concrete rain water tank or polyethylene water tank.

The environmental and sustainability benefits from using a rain water tank are numerous and give you peace of mind about the install. Knowing your water tank installation is going to contribute in some small way to preserving our beautiful Gold Coast environment is a definite plus.

In addition there can be health benefits to installing a rain water tank. Rainwater stored in your water tank is not treated unless you choose to treat it. This gives you total control over the quality of the rainwater stored in your water tank and the composition of the water you consume.

Some factors to consider before installing a water tank on the Gold Coast

  • Concrete, Polymer or Stainless Steel? – choose the water tank that best suits your needs
  • The capacity of your water pump – the distance from your water tank to final use is a big consideration
  • The colour and style of your water tank- a wide range of colours and styles to choose from
  • Location of your water tank – site your water tank for maximum efficiency
  • Plan the delivery and installation of your water tank – planning prevents problems
  • Compliance with water regulations on the Gold Coast

Our knowledgeable and professional staff at Quality Tanks are more than happy to provide detailed answers to your questions about water tanks and can organise the installation of your water tanks from start to finish.

We want to provide you with quality water tanks in Gold Coast that remain an effective water storage solution for years to come.

If you need more info about water tanks in Gold Coast, please call us with your questions or drop us an email with your initial enquiry. From there we can work out the best timeline and solution for your rain water tank installation.