Pricing Influences Water tanks

Water tanks prices are affected by a number of factors. With Rain Water being limited resource in Australia. We still continue to use more water, which has pushed water tank prices higher for mains supply over a number of years. These water tanks prices look certain to continue rising along with this increasing demand. If you own a business or house water is a significant cost, particularly for industrial businesses, installing a rainwater tank could help protect you from these increases.

Rainwater tanks allow you to take advantage of the free supply of rainwater that falls on your roof. Rainwater is completely safe to drink and is used in many rural homes as their only water supply. This means that you can have clean, drinkable water without any on-going purchase costs.

The rainwater is safely stored in a tank ready to be used when you need it. Tanks come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

As well as the water being fresh and free, rainwater isn’t subject to the restrictions that might be put on your mains supply. You can continue to use water as you wish during drier periods so it won’t affect the running of your household.

If you can, calculate how much you would spend over 25 years on water from a mains supply – even if water prices didn’t rise again. Use this figure to compare against the cost of installing a rainwater tank.

Large concrete and polymer rainwater tanks may seem expensive to install, but they last a long time. All the water you collect once installed is also free to use – so you can save money in the long term. There are maintenance costs and electricity is needed for water pumps, but such costs are relatively small.

Water tanks prices fluctuate depending on the intended use, positioning of, connection, type wether it be concrete or poly and size of tank.

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