Quality Tanks are specialists in the manufacture of water tanks in Sunshine Coast and surrounding hinterland.

With so much tropical rainfall on the Sunshine Coast, it makes a lot of sense to maximise your storage capacity of free rainwater. Water tanks are the best way to do this.

Quality Tanks provide the Sunshine Coast with a wide range of water tanks manufactured from concrete or polyethylene right here in in Queensland.

Benefits of installing rain water tanks in Sunshine Coast

One of the biggest benefits of installing a water tank in Sunshine Coast is the cost saving on your water bill. If you live on the Sunshine Coast you will know that with a tropical storm comes lots of free rainwater. By installing water tanks you have the capacity to store all the rain water you need for free. Of course the initial outlay needs to be considered in calculating savings but over time you will come out well ahead and be glad you installed water tanks.

Another key factor of installing water tanks in Sunshine Coast is convenience. By storing enough rainwater to meet your needs, you can have rainwater on tap anytime you need it. This is especially useful in times of water restrictions, allowing you to be able to water the garden or wash the car anytime you want.

Then there are the environmental and sustainability benefits. It makes a lot of sense to capture rainwater and store it in water tanks. Making use of what is naturally available and saving water for a not so rainy day, is desirable for many Sunshine Coast residents.

Being able to control the quality of the water we are drinking and using on our gardens is an attractive benefit for many of our Sunshine Coast clients. Water stored in rainwater tanks is not treated unless you choose to treat it, leaving you in total control of the quality of water you consume.

Some considerations when choosing to install a water tank on the Sunshine Coast

  • The type of water tank – concrete, polymer or stainless steel
  • The type of water pump – this depends on your capacity and how far you need to pump
  • The colour and style – a wide range of colours and styles are available
  • Where to locate your water tank – efficiency and look need to be considered
  • Delivery and installation – a bit of planning goes a long way
  • Meeting potable water regulations on the Sunshine Coast – compliance is key

Our friendly and professional staff at Quality Tanks will be able to help you work through all of these considerations to ensure your water tanks are an effective rainwater storage solution for you for many years to come.

If you need water tanks in Sunshine Coast, give us a call or drop us an email with your initial questions and to discuss your timeline.