about_us_picQuality Tanks is the preferred choice for both rainwater tanks and sewage treatment systems by a large number of home building contractors and in the past we have been manufacturers of biocycle and envirocycle solutions. We offer professional and quality service to all our clients and our sales team are happy to discuss all your individual needs. Wherever possible, a member of our experienced sales team can visit your site to address matters ranging from site access to Council regulations.

Quality Tanks was established on the Gold Coast, Queensland in 1973 with on-site rainwater tanks as its main product emphasis. Our family company, after many years of experience in Melbourne, purchased the business in 1993. The rainwater tank manufacturing methodology utilised at that time was soon upgraded and we have Oversize Tank Truck continued to modernise all of the manufacturing plant and equipment used in production over the years since. Today, Quality Tanks is the most prolific manufacturer of quality tanks in South East Queensland.

about2In 1998 our company incorporated a range of domestic and commercial waste treatment products purchased from CSR Humes and successfully marketed the Septech product range in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Through in house research and development through our sister company, we have developed a superior UV model sewage treatment systems as well as a chlorine advanced secondary system. These systems are available in concrete and also in polyethylene (plastic) for easier transportation to our agents Australia wide.

Quality Tanks VehicleThrough our research and development and also producing and manufacturing for biocycle and envirocycle, Quality Tanks is a one-stop shop to builders, plumbers, and home owners. We offer manufacturing, distribution and installation services for our comprehensive range of systems and tanks. We are agents for Davey Pumps and Thomas Gardner Denvar products as well.

about3Here at Quality Tanks provide you with an all round service, from production of a rain water tank though raw product stage, delivery and installation and then providing you with a continuing superior back-up service.

Quality Tanks is affiliated with Master Builders Association of Queensland (Membership No 26101), Building Services Authority, (Licence No AS/NZ1547) and the Association Rotational Moulders A/Asia through Allways Polytec Pty Ltd.

Our company is also a member of Global Certification [Australian Standards]. Manufacturing of all concrete products complies with Australian standard AS/NZ 1546.3.

As part of our service we can also offer Site and Soil Reports, as required by Council, prior to approval being given for installation. All design work complies with AS1547.

Our Commitment To The Environment

Tank Farm Construction. Our Company has for many years been partner with Origin Energy, contributing funds toward the development of Green Power for the entire community. In this way we are continuing to return a percentage of the electrical power used in the manufacturing process. Our company also supports the work of Greening Australia and WWF among other worthwhile charities.

Our available solutions ensure the use of otherwise discarded clean drinking water is suitable for uses from drinking to use in laundries and toilets and save the average family from using approximately 800 litres per day of community water. This is an annual saving of around 300,000 litres per residence per year. This not only saves community water resources but also helps the environment.

Grey water and sewage emissions, once successfully treated, is ideal for use in residential and commercial situations and are designed to utilise irrigation to specified areas in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZ1547.

Our product range incorporates a wastewater treatment systems that utilise ultraviolet treatments if chlorine applications are unsuitable for the localised environment, or if our customers have a preference for this.

Standing the test of time

We are the one of the largest manufacturer of Concrete and Polymer Home Sewage Treatment Plants in Australia. We are also the largest manufacturer of concrete rainwater tanks in Australia as well. This doesn’t happen overnight.

Our quality products have to last a long time and in a lot of cases our products will be around for many years to come. So you should ensure when purchasing a Waste Water Treatment Plant or a Concrete Rain Water Tank, that the company is also going to be around long enough to fix and service any issues that may arise. The Quality Tanks group of Companies have been around for more than 36 years and strive to produce the strongest, high quality, cost effective products in Australia.

Quality Tanks is – THE ONE STOP SHOP

Quality Tanks has one of the largest range of tanks in the Australian market, and because of our age and knowledge, we understand how to build very reliable products without making the fundamental mistake that the newcomers make over and over again.

We have knowledgeable sales staff to assist you and answer all your questions and we don’t stop there. One of the most important issues we pride ourselves on is the after sales service and maintenance of all our quality products.

Value For Money

Quality Tanks has the saying “WE WON’T PUT ANYTHING IN YOUR BACKYARD THAT WE WOULDN’T WANT IN OUR OWN” – You will find us very competitive in price and value with no compromise to the finished quality product.

Development of NEW Products and Services

Research and development of our current products have been widely accepted by local councils and state governments throughout Australia. We continue to expand our products and have recently researched. developed and now are in full production of our UNIQUE ONE TANK POLYMER TREATMENT PLANT called KRYSTEL KLEER POLY ADV5000.

This sewage treatment system allows previously restricted sites with difficult access a cost effective way of installing a waste water treatment plant. At only 600kgs, the Poly ADV5000 is a light weight, uniquely anchored one tank aerated waste water treatment system.

Our Commitment to Customers

Quality Tanks prides ourselves on the knowledge of our product range. This means for our customers that  will endeavour to assist our customers with any questions they may have. Being in the industry for over 3 decades shows our commitment from the research and development stage through to installation and lastly our continuing back up after sales service.